MERI China began over 10 years ago when a few guys spread over two continents felt that there was a better way to provide outsourced manufacturing. We realized that customers had problems out sourcing to large contract manufacturers who usually have a high continuous order quantity and high maintenance costs and small contract manufacturers who do not have the quality control levels to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Many times customers will choose to work with a small contract manufacturer who only performs one or two parts of the entire manufacturing process, then are reluctant to work with other manufacturers to complete the project – by then it’s too late. It was difficult for clients to find a contract manufacturer who can produce a reasonable minimum order quantity with good quality control and at a reasonable price point.

That’s where MERI comes in. We provide a one-stop-shop service to our customers. We have organized a talented group of individuals that help our wide variety of clients accomplish all their manufacturing needs. Our clients range from major corporations to investors and start-ups that would otherwise not be able to afford the manufacturing of their complex products.

At MERI we provide our customers with everything they need to get their product designed, created and delivered seamlessly under one roof.