MERI China provides top quality Custom Plastic Injection Molding and Plastic Injection Mold Services for any size manufacturing project

Eliminate The Risk of Overseas Manufacturing

MERI China is a leader in Custom Plastic Injection Molding services. MERI China helps you to turn your creative ideas into excellent products. We implement cutting edge technology and a complete manufacturing setup that can take care of all the stages of production from R&D, tool making, prototyping, injection molding and general assembly.


Why Custom Injection Molds?

Custom Plastic Injection Molding is the process of injecting plastic into a custom made steel or aluminum mold to create a custom components. Custom plastic parts are needed for many industries like medical, textile, food, consumer goods, etc mostly in large volumes, but sometimes in lower volumes too. Injection molding is good for both high and low volume production of plastic parts, very high tolerance levels, ability to produce a wide range of custom products in a short time, low labor costs, minimal raw material and scrap losses, and almost completely finished product at the end of the process ready for use or assembly.

As a leading technology company engaged in custom plastic injection molding and other customized projects, MERI China provides precision plastic products for companies throughout the world. We specialize in automotive, textile, medical, construction, consumer goods, food and beverage plastic components.

We also offer custom plastic mold making services for all kinds of industrial and consumer products. Our custom molds are meant for production of high volume injection molded plastic components of the very best quality and high precision at competitive rates. We have excelled in all the engineering stages of production, design, tooling, prototyping, sourcing and manufacturing.

Overseas Pricing With Operations in the United States

MERI China is a USA based global OEM company, with presence in China and US since 2001. MERI China specializes in manufacturing for small to medium-sized companies and our customers are spread over globally. We offer a variety of complete manufacturing solutions related to custom plastic injection molding like R&D, product engineering, custom mold production, rapid prototypes, assembly components, circuit board assembly and small appliances production.

Our custom plastic injection molding facility has around 25 process controlled molding machines with clamping capacities ranging from 25 Ton to 380 Ton. MERI China endures to keep itself updated in the plastic manufacturing technology so that our customers are always served with the best quality and accurate product.

We specialize in end to end manufacturing process with full license to engage in all the industry segments. So we have complete control over the production, prototyping, design, development, and even delivery of the product to your dock or the customer’s distribution center. MERI China’s experienced team of engineers and sourcing specialists ensure that your custom products are clearly understood, efficiently designed and the entire production process is clear.

Why MERI China?

We understand that the customers can experience changes in market volumes and pricing for their custom components and assembly parts. What makes MERI China unique is our expertise and our commitment to quality. Our global customers always choose us again and again because of our world-class precision quality custom molded parts. MERI China prides itself to be the best partner for custom plastic product customers and we provide committed service to your needs and make your business successful.