MERI China offers specialized electronic manufacturing services for clients who seek high quality components for their equipment. With highly automated engineering processes and reliable software, our services are competitive while saving time in the design and manufacturing of your required parts. In order to meet your requirements, our engineers will work with you to understand your exact requirements.

With our customized plastic injection molding, we manufacture varied types of electronic components, even the tiniest ones. With the ever increasing requirement for smaller sized electronics, our engineers have acquired the right expertise to manufacture them for you. Our machines are able to mold even the tiniest components quite fast and at a reasonable cost. We can also comfortably deal with complicated designs using our molding machines.

Our electronic prototyping services also make us offer efficient and high quality electronic prototypes to suit your specifications. Once we manufacture equipment such as electronic prototype boards, we will provide design-for-manufacturing feedback. This feedback is intended for ensuring the cost effectiveness of the prototype boards.

With our experience in this field of electronic manufacturing services, we can handle the most complex designs. We also work with your engineering department to ensure that all design requirements are strictly adhered to. From the designing all the way to the verification process, our services will ensure that you get exactly what you need.

During the manufacturing process, our engineers consistently on the look for any possible problems. If any problem is detected, it is addressed before we engage in the production process. At MERI China we strive to ensure that we give you quality products at all times. Our quality services help our customers to manufacture new products and launch them to the market at the appropriate time and with much success.

In order to ensure that we give you the best service, we have a rigorous quality control process. Every step of the manufacturing process is guided by appropriate quality control measures. Each product that we manufacture has well documented data that shows what happens at every stage. The whole process is computerized which ensures that there is always consistency in production of similar products.

MERI China is your one-stop-shop for any of your EMS manufacturing services. With operations in China and US, our “baby sitter” team will make sure your products are delivered on time and according to specifications, every time.