After the product design, the next step is the mold design.  A good mold design will reduce material waste, produce an even injection and result in minimal shrinkage.  These factors contribute to a lower cost and increased efficiency.

The advantage of having an in-house mold shop is the smooth communication between engineers and the mold makers.  This is especially true with new product development.

With 70 well trained staff, including eight professional engineers equipped with the most advanced software for tooling design, and more than 30 sets of professional equipment, including high speed CNC, EDM, wire cutting machines and more, makes MERI China readily able to design and make high precision tools.

We specialize in hot runner technology, 2 shot molding, mold flow defect analysis, mold cooling optimization and weld line elimination. We design molds for manufacturing sanitary ware, parts for medical equipment, military parts, sports equipment, security equipment and electronic products, etc.

All our mold designs follow these strict guidelines:

– Uniform wall thicknesses throughout the part
– Wall section considerations
– Voids and shrinkage
– Warpage
– Generous radius at all corners
– Produced using the least thickness compliant with the process, material, or product design requirements.
– Design should facilitate easy withdrawal from the mold with draft (taper) in the mold opening or closing direction.
– Ribs or gussets to improve part stiffness in bending.