MERI China is Rapid Prototype Manufacturer specializing in rapid prototyping, injection molds and parts manufacturing.

Rapid Prototypes are used in Product Engineering to enable fast fabrication of a physical and 3-D scale model. The CAD drawing data of the part is used to create ‘slices’ of the original item which is then created by depositing layers of material usually by stereo lithography, Ink Jet printing or other laser modeling methods. Rapid Prototypes provide you the ability to visualize and physically see your product as realistically as possible. This is very helpful during the Engineering stage of a plastic product or assembly.


Professional Rapid Prototypes

MERI China is an expert in Precision Injection Molding, Injection Mold Production and Product Engineering/R&D for plastic parts manufacturing. We have experience in handling your Rapid Prototyping needs to produce unique plastics items. Our precision injection molding personnel have the right knowledge to provide creative solutions for your product needs. We do not directly make rapid prototypes, but we have partners and sources who have specialized SLA rapid prototypes manufacturing shops.


MERI China has a large line up of specialty injection molding machines with varied capacities to produce high quality and precision products. MERI China manufactures various plastic products for the medical, industrial, automotive, consumer product and construction industries. We understand the importance of product Engineering, R&D, design of the plastic injection mold, rapid prototyping, and mold making. Our tooling department is equipped with advanced software and design tools, latest tooling equipments like High Speed CNC and Wire Cutting machines to make high precision tools.


Advantages of Rapid Prototyping


Rapid Prototyping is beneficial in a number of ways:

* Effectively communicating a clear design
* Rapidly decreasing the development time and effort
* Creating a physical prototype which can be analyzed for errors, design mistakes, assembly issues, etc. By validating the design, functionality and fit in early stages, Rapid Prototyping reduces the occurrence of costly mistakes.
* Reduces production flaws based on design and produces a better end product.
* Increases Design flexibility, ability to run multiple design changes at a time.

Every precision product needs to physically analyzed before the production starts. MERI China Product Engineering department has a team of highly experienced design engineers who can effectively work with rapid prototypes during the research and development phase to produce best production results.

Rapid Prototypes With Overseas Pricing, Without The Hassle

MERI China has facilities in China and US and specializes both in manufacturing and sourcing fields. What sets MERI China apart as an EMS and Contract Manufacturer is that we take care of your entire project, from R&D to full scale production. Our plants have capacity to produce high quality precision plastic products, custom molds, metal fabrication and PCB assembly. Our expertise with handling customers and vendors at multiple regions has given us ability to source consumer goods, textile goods, power tools etc from various countries.

MERI China is fully licensed to conduct operations in most industrial segments, so we have full control of end to end manufacturing solutions from Rapid Prototyping Services up to Customer Distribution. Our extensively experienced personnel will ensure that you are professionally treated, clearly understood and thoroughly looked after during all the production stages.

Our superior quality machines, vast experience and global presence makes your outsourcing process easy and feasible.