Located in China and in the US since 2001, we have developed 2 Core Capacities for customers in Japan, Finland, Belgium, England, Canada, India and the US.

The first is our Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management for low to mid-volume industrial, electrical and non- industrial goods. We have built up capacities in the following areas of the core business: non-industrial goods. We have built up capacities in the following areas of the core business:

In the non-core business, we have developed the resources for sourcing in the following areas:

  • Consumer goods
  • Construction goods
  • Machining equipments and power tools
  • Textile goods

Unlike most Chinese companies that are restricted in their limited scopes of trade, our China operation is fully licensed to engage in most industry segments, giving us full control over the entire process, including prototype development and the delivery to your dock or customers distribution center.

The U.S. operation functions as the supply chain management, accounting, and relay with customers in different time zones. This makes you feel like we are at your back yard. The China operation works with its close-by time zones, too. In today’s world, time zone should not be an issue to its operation.

Working with us, you can respond to volume demands and pricing pressure from the market, whether it is for components, sub-assemblies, or top-end assemblies, while maintain your own branding and customer relations.

We are proud to be in partnership with our customers, taking challenges and turning them into opportunities. We do this by making our clients more competitive by reducing costs, expanding capacity, developing products, and opening markets.

Treat us like your virtual manufacturing Strategic Business Unit (SBU). Give us the opportunity and we will prove how committed we are to serving your needs and making your business an even greater success.